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We might not know how Furbys got here, or what they're really up to sometimes, but we do know that Furbys love us – like, a lot! Furbys are so amazed by humans that they try to be just like us. By watching and learning what we do, Furbys have formed several personalities in their quest to fit in with anyone, anywhere, anytime!


"Bring it!" When Furbys get this fired up, there's no backing down. They'll take on the world and go up against anyone who tries to stand in the way. You've gotta respect that kind of guts!

Origin Story: Furbys learned the art of acting tough from the masters – by watching awesome action movies, obviously! Arms? Who needs 'em? Just put your foot down.

Likes: Being tilted and put upside down (it's like a ninja move!)
Dislikes: Being pet (just not feeling super cuddly right now)
Says stuff like: "Move it or lose it!" and "Me have black belt in awesome!"


Just try keeping up with Furbys when energy levels skyrocket this high – it's "bananas"! Sometimes Furbys just get super wound up. Count on this high-gear side of Furby to turn it up full throttle.

Origin Story: Furbys love people who have lots and lots of energy – they're just so much fun to be around! We're not sure who's keeping up with who, but there's no sign of slowing down.

Likes: Talking (lots and lots and lots!)
Dislikes: Eating (food gets in the way of talking lots and lots and lots)
Says stuff like: "Break it down!" and "Party time!"


Get ready to "par-tay"! When Furbys act this wild, just go ahead, turn up the tunes and start rocking out Furbish-style. Stage fright? What's that? You're in for a show of epic rock star proportions!

Origin Story: Drawn to the crowds and loud music, Furbys have gone to tons of concerts. Taking their lead from the great rock stars of the stage, this born-to-rock personality busts out!

Likes: Rocking out to music (so turn up the tunes!)
Dislikes: Getting tickled (rock stars have to keep their cool, dude!)
Says stuff like: "Crank it up, dude!" and "Totes McGoats!"


When Furbys act this incredibly sweet, it's easy to forgive any other 'tudes they might give you. This softer side of Furby is super-duper affectionate and hands-down the cutest thing EVER.

Origin Story: Furbys learned right away that nice people are the best kind of people. Furbys really want to connect with people like that, so this lovable, sweet personality blossoms forth!

Likes: Being pet on the head
Dislikes: Tails being pulled (it's just not nice!)
Says stuff like: "Fabulous!" and "Oh snap!"


Furbys feel pretty good about everything at times like this, especially if food is involved! Keep the nom-noms coming and put your feet up with this totally chillaxed, hungry-for-fun side of Furby.

Origin Story: One of the top things Furbys love about people is all the different food they eat. Furbys want to try everything – sweet, sour, spicy, crunchy, hot or cold. It's all good!

Likes: Being fed (a lot!)
Dislikes: Being shaken (it's tough on a full belly!)
Says stuff like: "Get my grub on!" and "Me like cake, yo!"

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